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Young Adults

Young Adult Retreat - 2014

Young Adult Retreat – 2014


Church, Holy Spirit, and Evangelism – 7:00 pm – Church campus

This season, we are learning about the purposes and callings of a church to listen to the Holy Spirit and make disciples. We will learn what it means for each of us to HEAR to truth, BELIEVE the truth and to BE the truth.


Mall Search - 2013

Mall Search – 2013


Heart to Heart (H2H) [WOMEN ONLY] – 12:30 pm – contact Melanie for location

A monthly gathering to look at areas of life regarding identity in Christ, self-worth, relationships, love, sex, past wounds that need healing, and more. Come to build a foundation of truth and supportive relationships with other young adult women as we learn and grow alongside each other and let the Word transform our hearts. Lunch together.

Young Adult Men (YAM) [MEN ONLY] – 12:30 pm – contact Mike for location

A monthly gathering to worship/fellowship/account for one another through the areas of our lives that arises out of conversations about sex, pornography, relationships, holiness, etc. Lunch together.


Mentoring & Discipleship

We are committed to matching up young adults with others in the body for mentoring and discipleship as requested, please contact us if you would like a personal one-on-one mentoring relationship as you journey in your walk with Christ.


We are committed to pouring out the love we have received from Christ into those in our community. We are working to join with existing outreach ministries to i) serve our community ii) be an encouragement to fellow servants in Christ and iii) obeying Christ in action as a way to identify with Him and discern what the Holy Spirit may be calling each one of us in terms of our vocations and asking for His gifts.

If you have an existing ministry you’d like to invite the young adults to, please contact us.



Melanie Reimer

(707) 331-0983



Mike Liaw

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Keith and Alex's wedding

Keith and Alex’s wedding

Marilyn's wedding

Marilyn’s wedding

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