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Who We Are – Plymouth History

Plymouth Church was organized in 1894. The church underwent a major transformation from an “old line” liberal church to one with an evangelical theology about 30 years ago. This was a mighty work of God! Plymouth became part of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference (4 C’s) at that time – a loose association of like-minded churches.

We rarely use the word “congregational” in our name. It refers to our decision-making process in which every member has the right to vote and to be heard. The church is autonomous, independent and local; ultimately answering only to Jesus Christ. The Ministry Council is approved by church members and they serve as the primary ministry/spiritual leadership of the church.

Our theology is thoroughly Biblical. We hold to the inerrancy of Scripture and adhere to conservative historical Christianity. We emphasize the foundational teachings of the faith, and do not stress minor differences. We believe in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He enables us to walk with God and to please Him.

Plymouth is committed to proclaiming the life-changing power of salvation in Jesus Christ in Whittier and beyond. The powerful work of Christ in transforming our lives, motivates us to tell the world about Him. To this end we actively support missions around the world.

We are committed to helping every participant grow in their relationship with God and discover their unique role and place of ministry. Our passion is to see new believers mature and become fruit-bearing disciples of Jesus Christ. This maturing happens in a context of Biblical teaching, spiritual mentoring, committed, loving relationships, and authentic worship.