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Jun 25, 2017 The Prodigal Son – and the Prodigal Father, Too – The Gospel of Luke Series (Luke 15:11-32) A.  The Context: 1.  The Pharisees were wondering, “Jesus, why are you so extravagant, even wasteful, with your time and attention given to these loser sinners?” (vs. 1 and 2; Luke 19:10; Luke 5:31-32) 2.  “Prodigal” = spending money or Listen Download
Jun 18, 2017 The Parable of the Lost Coin – The Gospel of Luke Series (Luke 15:8-10) A.  Context 1.  The issue (vs. 1 and 2; 1:67-79) 2.  The increased tension (1/100; 1/10; 1/2) 3.  The common denominators B.  The Parable of the Lost Coin (vv. 8-10) 1.  A woman lost a coin (a drachma) worth a Listen Download
Jun 11, 2017 A True Disciple’s Heart for the Lost – El Corazón del Discípulo hacia los Perdidos – The Gospel of Luke Series (Luke 15:1-7; Lucas 15:1-7) A.  Introduction B.  A Heart for the Lost 1.  A true disciple continues to reach out to “sinners.”  (vs. 1 and 2; Luke 14:23). 2.  A true disciple is willing to risk everything to seek the lost and save them Listen Download
Jun 4, 2017 The Cost of Following Jesus – The Gospel of Luke Series (Luke 14:25-35) A.  Jesus is not impressed with large and fickle crowds (v. 25). He wants disciples… 1.  … who, without shame, lay down their lives to follow Him (v. 27). 2.  … who will do this daily and continuously (9:23). 3. Listen Download
May 28, 2017 The Pharisees and Us – The Gospel of Luke Series (Luke 14:1-24) Due to the fact that the entire sermon was rewritten on Saturday, May 27, 2017, there are no notes… but it’s a REALLY GOOD ONE!!! How was Jesus, in four different vignettes in these verses, different than the Pharisees? And Listen Download
May 21, 2017 The Heart of Jesus Revealed – The Gospel of Luke Series (Luke 13:31-35) The Fearlessness and Courage of Jesus (vv. 31-33; 12:4-5; Matthew 20:18-19; John 13:3) 1. The Pharisees used Herod (the “fox”) to try and get Jesus to move into Judea (11:53; Luke 23:8-9). 2.  “…on the third day I will reach Listen Download
May 14, 2017 Enter through the Narrow Door – The Gospel of Luke Series (Luke 13:23-30) Introduction 1.  Jesus was asked a uniquely Jewish question: how many will be saved (v. 23)? 2.  Salvation = deliverance from God’s judgment because of our unrighteousness, into safety and eternal blessings through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ and Listen Download
May 7, 2017 The Power and the Authority of the Kingdom of God – The Gospel of Luke Series (Luke 13:10-21) 1.  The Setting (vs. 10 and 11) 2.  The Deliverance and the Healing (vs. 12 and 13; Isaiah 61:1-2; Luke 4:18-19) 3.  The Reactions (vv. 14-17) o  The Synagogue Leader’s Indignation (v. 14) o  Jesus’ Rebuke (vs. 15 and 16; Listen Download
Apr 30, 2017 The Practical Wisdom of Jesus – The Gospel of Luke Series (Luke 12:54 – 13:9) Introduction – After a long address specific to his disciples, given in the midst of an unruly and impatient crowd (12:1), and hostile religious leaders (11:53-54), Jesus turns back to address the “many thousands” who had gathered with some of Listen Download
Apr 23, 2017 The Hope of Returning with the Glory of the Lord – Hope Starts Here! (Acts 1:1-13) If you want to know the secret to all things, don’t follow the money, follow the glory! GLORY = the unchanging, utterly impressive, magnificent beauty of the LORD whenever and wherever He manifests His presence.  His glory manifests as both Listen Download