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Application Form (Children and Youth Ministry)


edit: March 17, 2015)


    Application for all leaders, teaching and non-teaching volunteers working with children and youth at Plymouth Church.

  • All ministry and church life is purposed to glorify and bear witness to God the Father, the Son, and the Spirit as we become sanctified through Him and unified with one another. Therefore all leaders, teachers, and volunteers who work with children and youth are asked to be mindful of their representation of Christ before those who are younger and still maturing in their faith with the intent that everything we do, we do as unto the Lord and as a clear witness of Christ to those we serve.

    Christ’s character is the character that we seek to model not just in teaching, but in our daily living both inside and outside of church fellowship. This includes our relationships, work life, communication, decisions, consideration of others, as well as how we deal with our failures and reconcile with one another. We are servant leaders called to minister not just to the children and to the youth, but to their parents and guardians as well. We are called to serve in unity not independent exclusivity.

    We desire to provide a safe and loving environment for the emotional, relational, physical and spiritual growth of our children and youth. We desire to equip and hold accountable both leaders, teaching and non-teaching volunteers who are involved in serving, and we are committed to working in teams, fostering good communication among the leadership, children, youth, parents, and guardians. We desire to hold the balance of both grace and truth in our actions and reactions toward each other, building up each other in the bonds of unity, peace, and love as we mutually submit to Christ as head and then to each other.
  • Applicant Information

  • Volunteer Screening

  • Abuse Policy Agreement

  • For survivors of abuse

  • Survivors of abuse or harassment need the love and acceptance of the members of Plymouth Church; we want to make every effort to ensure that those having such a history have the support of a loving community especially while ministering.
  • Online training - ALL

  • Complete the general training online found at: General Training. The website estimates the training will take up to 4 hours, but most complete it within 1.5 hours.

    Within 3 weeks of application, turn in a certificate of completion to the office.
  • Online training - DIRECTORS ONLY

  • Complete the clergy training online found at: Clergy Training. You will have complete the general training first. The website estimates the training will take up to 2 hours, but most complete it in less than an hour.

    Within 3 weeks of application, turn in a certificate of completion to the office.
  • Signature

  • By typing your name and submitting this application, you acknowledge that you have carefully read, understood and agree to the statement below and further understand and agree that this application is NOT complete until a hard copy of the application is signed in person by you.


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